Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Do you like a glossy bag made of nice sequins?

Hey there!

I `m a small sequin bag made by Master Creation.
Here are the many clothes that I can wear tomorrow!
And I got many brothers and sisters in my home, taller fat, shorter slim and they love to be your friends some beautiful day!

red sequin bag

sequin swatch from master creation international ltd

sequin swatch from master creation international ltd

sequin swatch from master creation international ltd

sequin swatch from master creation international ltd

sequin swatch from master creation international ltd

sequin swatch from master creation international ltd

sequin swatch from master creation international ltd

sequin swatch from master creation international ltd

pink sequin bag

Friday, March 1, 2019

How about a plush beauty bag?

We have various styles of plush and fur in our swatches to make a beauty bag.

Here some nice ones below and they are 100% artificial!

Faux rabbit plush furs.

Faux rabbit plush furs.

Faux rabbit plush furs.

Rose furs

faux rose fur

Faux PV fleece

Faux PV fleece

Faux PV fleece

Faux PV fleece

Determining a material that works for your business brand and your overall business message.

Choice often comes down to the unique requirements of one’s business. Determining what is the difference between polypropylene, nylon, and polyester reusable bags will ultimately lead to the decision on which one will work for your business brand and your overall business message.

The steady drive for environment protection and sustainable enterprise over the last two decades has resulted in a growing market for reusable bags. The bags come in a wide variety of fabrics and materials. Each has its strengths and drawbacks.

The following is a look at the more popular materials used for reusable bags.

1. Cotton

Cotton bags can be made from organic cotton (grown without pesticides), recycled cotton (reclaimed cotton scrap) or traditional cotton (chemically treated, raw and natural). Cotton comes in different densities with denser varieties being heavier. Conventional cotton canvas bags are denser and therefore costlier than lighter cotton bags.

Advantages of reusable cotton bags include the soft smooth texture, strength, durability, biodegradability, wide availability and ease of washing. Its drawbacks are its susceptibility to moisture damage, high cost of production and shipping, and shrinking from machine washing.

2. Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a versatile resin polymer. Its low cost of production and relative durability has seen non-woven polypropylene regarded as one of the best materials for reusable bags. The polypropylene is measured in grams per square meter (GSM), a gauge of the density and weight of the material. Bags with higher GSM are stronger and more expensive.

People who prefer woven polypropylene grocery bags usually cite their strength, resistance to chemical corrosion, ease of wiping clean, low porosity, diversity of color options and the flexibility in brand printing. Its major disadvantages are that it’s non-biodegradable, it’s made from petrochemicals, it isn’t soft to the touch and it’s unsuitable for machine washing.

3. Nylon

Nylon is a synthetic polymer that was initially produced as a substitute for silk in fabrics. Nylon fabric is typically found in track pants, some tights, lightweight jackets, pantyhose, swimwear, umbrellas etc. More recently, it has found application in reusable bags thanks to its ease of maintenance.

Nylon reusable bags are durable, strong, lightweight, readily foldable, easily dyed and water resistant. They are however non-biodegradable, petroleum-based and acquire a crumpled unpleasant appearance under heavy use.

4. Polyester

If you took time to examine the labels on your clothes, one type of fabric is likely to come up more than most: polyester. Polyester is a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymer, the same material used to make drink bottles. It was invented in 1941 but really gained traction in the 1970`s when it took over disco wear by storm. Polyester would thereafter be disparaged as the fabric for cheap suits but its reputation has steadily improved as quality and application increased.

Polyester reusable bags are versatile, water resistant, do not crinkle easily and are foldable. On the flip side, the bags are made from plastic, the material doesn’t break down easily upon disposal, and heavy use leads to wearing off of any branding ink on its surface.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Top 5 Materials for Making Bags

There are a lot of bags you can use or make depending on your need and taste. Your option is almost infinite. Whatever your purpose is, it is important to know what a bag is made of.

Regardless of designs and functionality, bags should serve your purpose according to their materials. There are several materials you can take into consideration when buying bags.

Here are the top five materials for bags you can choose from:

1. Leather Bags

Leather is commonly used for designer labels and other luxury bags. It is because it can easily be cut, shaped, and designed in many ways. Furthermore, its durability has been tested by time.

The beauty it provides is evident in many social events. There is no question that it is one of the most favourite materials by many fashion aficionados.

The only concern about this material is the price. Definitely, it is by far expensive, especially if it comes from exotic animals. Even ordinary leather is not cheap at all. It is because the process of making it is laborious.

This type of material also has several classes. Cotton is the most popular one. People choose cotton bags because it can be folded when not in use.

Although fabric bags are not designed for fashion purposes, some are so beautifully designed that you will not notice them as made of cheaper materials.

Moreover, fabric bags are easy to make. They can be made for everyday uses or for special occasions. There is no need for sophisticated equipment or complex process just to make one.

What makes fabric bags popular is the convenience of cleaning it. Most of them can be washed the way you wash your clothes.

If you suddenly glance at vinyl bags, you would probably confuse them with leather bags. But if you take a closer look, you will notice they are made of some sort of rubberized plastic.

Vinyl bags are very common. When you walk on street, you will come across many people carrying bags made of vinyl. You can also see a lot of them in supermarkets. In other words, they are one of the most commercialized bags among the rest.

The reason why there are a lot of people who have vinyl bags is because they are waterproof. Moreover, they can look very similar to expensive leather bags.

4. Rubber Bags

Rubber bags are also commonly made as luxury handbags for women. It is not because rubber is expensive. In fact, rubber can be found almost anywhere.

However, the process of making bags using rubber is a bit difficult. In addition, not all types of rubber can be used for this. Therefore, it is the quality of rubber and the perfection that is applied in using it that make rubber bags the choice of many companies that produce designer labels.

5. Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene bags are commonly used as eco bags. They are reusable and handy. Furthermore, you can easily wash them and fold them so you can use them for your next shopping. These bags are more recommended than paper bags as an alternative to plastic bags, which are now being banned in many cities and in other countries.


Whether you are a bag maker or a user, you should give importance to bag materials when choosing your most preferred one. Each material serves a specific purpose which will determine its value to you. The above list of bag materials will give you a better idea.

Monday, February 25, 2019

High quality tanning mitts from Master Creation International Ltd.

Being made of muti-spandex, velvet and waterproof foam lining, our tanning mitts are welcomed by more and more customers home and aboard!

tanning mitts

tanning mitts

tanning mitts

tanning mitts

tanning mitts

tanning mitts

For more details about this product, please click link below:

How do we turn our customer design into a beautiful bag?

When the design drawings are obtained from the customer, our designers will choose materials that meet the performance requirements and are economical.


* Take 600D polyester material as body fabric to meet the needs of full-page printing.
* PVC washable lining as to pack liquid cosmetics, which might be splashing in use.
* Leather tapes along zipper.
* Improve the overall grade of the cosmetic bag by using a metal teeth zipper. 

Upon confirmation, the customer provides the AI documents required for printing. We will first provide production samples for mutual confirmation.

After all the details of the product requirements have been confirmed, we start to arrange the production preparation for the order.

material tailoring

zipper electroplating

After all the materials and accessories are ready, the production team will produce according to the order schedule.

compound sewing and forming

Quality inspection and packaging.

Packed goods on palettes.

After a few weeks of transportation, a beautiful cosmetic bag is in front of you!

Check out more details about this bag on our website: 

Master Creation International Ltd opens its blog today!

Welcome to the official blog of Master Creation International Ltd.

Our product website is https://www.master-creation.com

Retail online catalog is https://www.verybags.com

Let`s bag your imagination today!

Do you like a glossy bag made of nice sequins?

Hey there! I `m a small sequin bag made by Master Creation. Here are the many clothes that I can wear tomorrow! And I got many brothers an...